Frequently Asked Questions

If we did not address all of your questions, please contact us and give us the opportunity to do so.

Where does the product you buy from us go? Who does WestCMR sell to?

We resell 80% of the products we buy to over 400 regular Hospital / Surgery Center accounts. The remaining 20% is either exported or donated to recognized relief organizations.

How long does it take for WestCMR to formulate an offer?

72 hours or less.

What return can we expect?

We've been asked this 1000's of times. What we pay is predicated on 4 major criteria:

  1. Product Mix
  2. Quantity
  3. Packaging Condition
  4. Expiration Date (most important factor)

Once we see your detailed list, we can make an offer.

Will WestCMR buy reprocessed or expired products?

  • We do purchase some reprocessed products. Contact us today to discuss further.
  • No, we are unable to monetize expired product.

Can you provide us with references?

Absolutely!! We've bought inventory from over 1000 different surgical facilities in the past 20 years, many of them on a regular basis. Please contact any of us today and we'll provide you with appropriate references.

NOTE: Assuming we get the opportunity to work with you and you are pleased, be prepared for us to ask you to be a reference in the future as well.

Who pays for shipping?

WestCMR will send you prepaid shipping labels or schedule a pallet pick up to cover the expense of shipping.

How do we get started?

Simple. Contact us today. What we'll need from you is a complete inventory (in an Excel spreadsheet format). Be sure to include the manufacturer's reference / reorder #'s, quantity available (preferably in unit counts), packaging info (in box, loose but in OEM blister pack / pouch, in cases), and finally the most important piece of info ..... expiration dates. Expiration dates will play the largest role in what we can pay for an item.

Example of importance of expiration dates: Let's say you've just switched to Covidien Endo products from Ethicon Endo products. Let's assume that on average, the Ethicon items have two years left until they expire. Understand, that's great; however the inventory on average has lost 60% of its useable shelf life. We take that into account, as we have to find customers who can accept that.

Also, be sure to include the following information about YOU:
Name, Title, Facility Name, Facility Address, E-mail Address, Direct Phone Line, Direct Fax Line.


Visit the surplus inventory form to get started.

If we decide we'd like to purchase products from WestCMR at your discounted prices, are they the same products we would typically receive from our traditional distributor or the OEM?

Yes, they are the same products. The difference is that you will receive products from us that have shorter shelf life than you normally would. Most products have between one to four years shelf life. All products distributed by WestCMR meet the FDA’s quality standards. Every product is in its original and unopened pouch or blister pack. Every product has been stored and handled while in WestCMR’s possession under conditions required by the OEM, as stated on the product label. Note: WestCMR does not provide advice, training, or clinical support.

Who warranties the products we purchase from WestCMR?

WestCMR. All items we sell are new and unused, and in the rare event that an item should fail to operate properly, WestCMR will replace the product or refund the purchase price if we are out of stock.

How much money can a facility save annually by purchasing products from WestCMR?

Impossible to answer, we have Surgery Centers that have told us they save upwards to $50,000 a year by working with us. Some of our larger Hospital Accounts are saving in excess of $200,000 a year. Savings will vary based on your facility's current contracted pricing.

On a typical item, how much can we expect to save by purchasing it from WestCMR?

Typically as little as 10%, while our goal is to try to save you at least 20%. With many items, like Synthes, facilities are saving as much as 40% on certain items!!

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