Why Buy Surgical Supplies From WestCMR?

Just What You Need

WestCMR's online store gives our customers the power to purchase in the lowest unit of measure, or "eaches". There's no need to buy a full box or case if that's not what is needed.

There are no minimum orders, no contracts, no stress.

The WestCMR Surgical Surplus Marketplace includes more than 45,000+ individual SKUs from more than 120 leading brands. Click here for a comprehensive list of products we stock.


Just When You Need It

Each customer is matched with a dedicated team responsible for handling orders and surplus inventory concerns. Customers receive weekly purchase reports to save time. Every customer of WestCMR has the option, at any time, to request a Surgical Surplus Usage & Analysis of where they might realize even deeper cost savings.

With guaranteed 3-Day delivery and a warehouse of more than 18,000 individual items, hundreds of hospitals and ASCs rely on the WestCMR's online store to stock and deliver exactly the quality supplies they need, exactly when they need them.


At a Lower Price

Our customers realize a 10% to 25% savings on surgical supplies they were already purchasing.

Since 1997, WestCMR has provided high-quality, brand new surgical supplies to more than 1,000 hospitals and surgical centers. Product conversions, return issues with manufacturers, and changes in surgeons' preferences are common reasons why supplies make their way into the Surgical Surplus Marketplace.

Rather than allowing unneeded supplies to take up space in their facilities and discarding them unused when their expiration date has passed, more than 1,200 materials managers across the U.S. choose to free up that space by making these materials available to others who put them to use, and at a reasonable per-unit price.