Why Sell Surplus Surgical Supplies To WestCMR?

We ensure our customers receive the highest value and quickest return on their overstock supplies.


How WestCMR Values Surplus

WestCMR quotes are based upon Fair Market Value (FMV) and Adjusted Return on Investment (AROI), allowing our clients to reap the greatest benefits from liquidating their surplus surgical inventory.

Every hospital and surgery center in the U.S. has some level of ongoing surgical supply surplus. Our work over 20 years indicates that 10% to 15% of every dollar spent on surgical supplies and implants is wasted. OEMs typically negotiate savings upfront, but do little to recover money already spent. This is where WestCMR's Surgical Surplus Marketplace comes into play.


Fair Market Value: The WestCMR Surgical Surplus Marketplace

Surplus inventory is no longer worth what was originally paid for it. While these items should be depreciated or written down, they rarely are. OEMs are aware of their products' fixed shelf lives, and build their sales models around the fact. The WestCMR Surgical Surplus Marketplace gives you the ability to recoup the value of your unneeded supplies.

Your supplies' Adjusted Return On Investment (AROI) is determined based upon the following factors:


The WestCMR Surgical Surplus Marketplace determines the value of each item based upon comparative analyses of what the market is demanding and how much of it is available. The greater the demand and lower the supply, the greater the value of the item.


More than 400 Acute Care Facilities regularly purchase from the WestCMR Surgical Surplus Marketplace, allowing us to monitor "drop off" sales of items. Through research on OEMs' new products and marketplace data, the WestCMR Surgical Surplus Marketplace accurately values the usability and projected obsolescence for each item.


Expiration Dates

This is the most crucial factor in determining Fair Market Value. Disposable Surgical Supplies are soft assets. The closer any item is to its expiration date, the lower its market value. The WestCMR Surgical Surplus Marketplace gives us an accurate, rapid, and reliable way to determine the Fair Market Value of each surplus item, so you can get a fair and rapid return on your surgical surplus.